Perez was leading in Barcelona until he was ordered to let Verstappen through, who duly claimed a third consecutive F1 Grand Prix victory.

Perez made it clear via the team radio that he wasn’t thrilled - but Verstappen had clearly insisted that he should be given the priority.

  • Here are the key team radio instructions that were not broadcast:

Verstappen, on lap nine, was approaching behind Perez, who was behind Mercedes’ George Russell. Perez was given one opportunity to overtake Russell…

Team radio talking to Perez: This is your chance, get it done.

Verstappen: I’m miles faster.

Team radio: OK Checo. Let Max have a shot. Let him through.

Perez: Give me one more lap.

Team radio talking to Perez: Let’s give [Max] a shot now. We’ll pay back later.

Perez: Copy.

Team radio: Thankyou.

Verstappen was unable to overtake Russell and, on lap 21, had an angry exchange on the team radio…

Team radio: Max, info: the DRS flap did not open after the last lap. Keep trying.

Team radio: OK Max, just so you are aware, DRS did work…

Team radio: DRS did not work…

Verstappen: Where is the f****** DRS!

Verstappen: You can’t even make a f***** DRS!

Team radio: Max, try pressing the DRS after your kerbing…

Team radio: Max, I think you may have closed it last time…

Verstappen: Because I’m pressing it 50 f****** times before it opens!

Team radio: Just try one button press after the kerb…

Perez implored Red Bull to allow him to take priority over Verstappen on lap 24…

Perez: Get me Max out of the way so I overtake quickly.

Team radio: Copy, Checo.

Perez: Why don’t you let me by? I have very fresh tyres. I can get by quickly.

Perez: We will compromise our race.

By lap 27, Perez is still urging Red Bull to prioritise him over Verstappen. Verstappen pitted and Perez overtook Russell…

Perez: Come on guys, let me by.

Team radio: You’ve still got fresh tyres, you’re going to get your shot.

Perez: I did help Max earlier, man, come on.

Team radio: We know.

Team radio: Let’s get him [Russell], let’s get him!

Verstappen: Am I racing someone?

Team radio: This is for the race lead, Leclerc has retired. Racing [Carlos Sainz].

The race is hotting up by lap 38 and Verstappen smells victory but Perez also hasn’t given up hope…

Verstappen: What tyres are they on?

Team radio to Verstappen: Both on medium tyres.

Perez: How far is Max?

Team radio to Perez: Max is 16 seconds ahead. His last lap a 26.5. But we’re doing a different race.


Red Bull gave instructions to aid Verstappen winning the F1 Spanish GP

With Verstappen heading into his final pitstop, Perez begins asking interesting questions…

Perez: How is the race looking? I need information.

Team radio to Perez: Russell’s last lap 27.3. Max did a 27.4. Sainz back in P5. Gap to Russell now six seconds.

Perez: And to Max?

Team radio to Perez: 16 seconds.


Verstappen goes in for his final pitstop…

Team radio to Perez: Okay Max has pitted, he’s going to slot in behind you.

Team radio to Perez: You’re on a different strategy to Max. If he’s quicker, we let him through.

Perez: That’s very unfair. But okay. 

Team radio to Perez: Max is faster than us, we’re just bringing it home from here.

Team radio to Perez: Let Max through into turn one, let Max through into turn one.

Verstappen: My f****** DRS again!

Perez: OK I will let him through.

Verstappen: Thankyou mate.

Team radio: Both of you, bring it home from here.


Verstappen sealed his third consecutive F1 Grand Prix victory…

Team radio: Thank you for everything in that race.

Perez: I’m happy for the team. But we need to speak later.

Verstappen: Not an easy start to the race but we turned it around inthe end. A very good job also for the team. And also thank you to Checo - a great teammate.

Christian Horner to Verstappen: Well done mate. Very sorry about that DRS. I know we’ve made life a bit difficult for you. But you had great pace and great recovery after that moment. So a great one-two for the team.

Christian Horner to Perez: Well done, Checo. Thank you for that drive today, that was a very, very strong drive again so thank you for playing the team game.

Perez: No worries. We’ll speak later.