Hamilton ended up behind Mercedes teammate George Russell in both practice sessions at Monte Carlo on Friday, finishing 10th in FP1 before falling back to 12th in the afternoon. 

The seven-time world champion complained multiple times over team radio about the “crazy” bouncing he was encountering. 

“It’s so bouncy out here,” he said at one point during the opening session. “I’m f****** losing my mind.” 

Speaking at the end of Friday’s running, Hamilton added: “It is the bumpiest track I have ever been to. It is the bumpiest track I have ever driven.

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“So one, that makes it difficult and two our car bounces a lot. It is different bouncing to what we have experienced in the past.

“It is in the low speed, it is not aero and the bumps in the track are making it worse, so it is not a case of learning how to drive the track, it is just fighting the car. 

"So putting the lap together is wow…holy crap…I have not experienced it like that before.”

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Hamilton conceded Mercedes have plenty of work to do overnight if they are to turn things around in time for qualifying and does not anticipate to be in the fight with the Ferraris and Red Bulls. 

“I remember back in the day my first years here, a light nimble car was so much better,” Hamilton continued. "But now we have these super heavy cars and the breaking zones are different.

“It is crazy it is 2022 and the tracks aren’t as smooth when they are resurfaced, technology is still against us. 

“I think we made some improvements going into that session and when you do put a lap together the grip doesn't feel too bad. 

“It is just eyeballs coming out the sockets, so we have some work to do overnight and as I anticipated, we are not as quick as the Ferraris or the Red Bulls.” 

Asked how Mercedes can get on top of the bouncing, Hamilton replied: “We are going to have to figure out how to get around that and down the straight there are some big hits but it is different to bouncing hitting.

“It is bouncing but it is a different feel and there is like 100 different bumps on one of the straights, so I don’t know how it is for others, but it is the bumpiest rollercoaster ride ever.

“I just didn’t get to put together the sectors together. We will study the data and figure out how to improve the car.

“It feels like the car has the potential to be up there with the guys but there are all these things that are hindering us a little bit but we won’t stop fighting.”