The McLaren driver’s personal worth is £10m, according to The Sunday Times Rich List.

Norris, aged 22, is on a contract for the next four years with McLaren which will pay him £20m plus bonuses per season.

He has, for the first time, appeared on The Sunday Times Young Rich List in joint-85th position.

His net worth is identical to Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson’s, singer Sam Fender’s and tennis star Emma Raducanu’s.

Norris is expected “to overtake the field in future years as the extreme wealth associated with Formula One comes down the track”, according to The Sunday Times.

He lives in the tax-haven of Monaco and has said: “There are a few reasons why. But we all know what the main one is. Yeah, the weather’s nice, but that’s not the main reason.”

Lando Norris has a multi-millionaire father…

Adam Norris, aged 51, was ranked at the 610th richest man in Britain for 2022 with a net worth of £200m.

He made his fortune from a financial services business called Hargreaves Lansdowne.