Since the start of F1’s new era, the bouncing phenomenon has been a problem that the majority of teams have faced up and down the grid.

Due to the new ground effect cars, and teams trying to run their cars as close to the track surface as possible, the porpoising effect has dominated paddock chat.

Reigning world champions Mercedes have been most affected in 2022, with porpoising the main reason for their relative struggles compared to Ferrari and Red Bull.

In a bid to ensure porpoising isn’t an issue and the safety of drivers is not at risk, the FIA will make changes to the aero rules for next season.

The FIA outlined: “In the spirit of consultation, the FIA discussed a range of aerodynamic measures with the teams and, taking into account the views of the teams, the FIA has decided to narrow down the actions it intends to take for 2023 to these steps: 

  • A 25mm raising of the floor edges
  • A raising of the underfloor diffuser throat
  • The introduction of more stringent lateral floor deflection tests
  • The introduction of a more accurate sensor to help quantify the aerodynamic oscillation.”

The FIA intends to still introduce several short-term measures at the Belgian Grand Prix, despite porpoising being less of an issue in recent rounds.

They expect it to resurface at tracks with bumpier surfaces such as Singapore.

 “For 2022, the FIA reaffirmed, starting from Spa, the following measures:

  • A stiffening of the plank skids, and a clarification on how their wear will be measured
  • The introduction of a metric, which will quantify the bouncing, which will have to stay below a prescribed value during the races. The F1 Teams will be able to use the metric already from the forthcoming race in France, in order to learn its full implications on their cars’ setup.”

Changes after Zhou’s Silverstone crash

Following Zhou Guanyu’s horrific crash at the British Grand Prix, the FIA wants to introduce “stringent measures on the roll hoops for 2023”.

This is because the roll hoop didn’t stop Zhou’s Alfa Romeo from rolling into the fencing on the opening lap at Silverstone.