Ferrari’s Leclerc, who started from pole position, crashed out while leading the race. He mentioned his throttle on his team radio then later accepted all responsibility for making a mistake.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen won in France while Mercedes duo Hamilton and Russell completed the podium.

In the cool down room, where F1 drivers must go to be weighed after races, an exhausted Hamilton lay on the ground.

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Hamilton said:What a race. No water all day!”

A Red Bull rep: “Do you want water?”

Hamilton and Russell watched a TV replay of Leclerc’s crash.

Hamilton said: “He just made a mistake, huh?”

A Red Bull rep: “No. Throttle blockage.”

Russell: “Throttle blockage?”

A Red Bull rep: “Yes. That’s what he said on the radio.”

Russell: “What, his throttle came back in…”

Charles Leclerc: "It's my fault"

Ferrari's Leclerc would later blame himself for the crash that leaves him trailing Verstappen by 63 points in the F1 2022 standings.

“It’s my fault and if I keep doing mistakes like this then I deserve to not win the championship," he bemoaned.