Heidi is the daughter of Austrian driver Gerhard Berger, a veteran of 14 F1 seasons. He drove for Ferrari and McLaren - the team Ricciardo will leave at the end of this season.

Ricciardo was first spotted with Heidi last year but has acknowledged their relationship, telling the Fitzy & Wippa Podcast: "I’m in love, I got a good thing going, so yeah. I’ve got a good balance in life right now. I think love eliminates stress, yeah absolutely."

The veteran driver spent his 2022 summer break touring America with Heidi.

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Ricciardo explained how he talks about F1 with Heidi's dad: "When I was young, I’ve been following F1 since I was a kid. I had a Berger hat.

"I talk about [F1], he still goes to quite a few races.

“He still has an interest in the sport. Not kind of steering away from him but any ex-sportsman, anyone who’s been through it, like I love, I just love speaking to them and gaining knowledge.”