Verstappen romped from 14th to take victory at Spa - but Hamilton retired after a collision with Fernando Alonso on the first lap.

Verstappen, Sergio Perez and Carlos Sainz watched a big TV screen after the race in the cooldown room…

Which F1 drivers have been UNDERRATED this season?

Verstappen watching Hamilton and Alonso's clash: It was not a car's width.

Sainz: Lewis?

Perez: He retired.

Verstappen: Yep.

Perez: What position were you after lap one?

Sainz: P8, I think.

Verstappen: P8.

Verstappen: The first lap! Watch it back! What happened in front of me was…

Sainz to Perez: So, for you, it was fine?

Perez: It was fine.

Verstappen: The deg was high.

Sainz: For you, normal.

Verstappen: A little bit less than you.