Did Verstappen comment on Hamilton’s clash in candid cooldown room chat?

Max Verstappen said “it was not a car's width” about the first lap drama involving Lewis Hamilton at the F1 Belgian Grand Prix while in the cooldown room.
Max Verstappen (NLD)
Max Verstappen (NLD)

Verstappen romped from 14th to take victory at Spa - but Hamilton retired after a collision with Fernando Alonso on the first lap.

Verstappen, Sergio Perez and Carlos Sainz watched a big TV screen after the race in the cooldown room…

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Verstappen watching Hamilton and Alonso's clash: It was not a car's width.

Sainz: Lewis?

Perez: He retired.

Verstappen: Yep.

Perez: What position were you after lap one?

Sainz: P8, I think.

Verstappen: P8.

Verstappen: The first lap! Watch it back! What happened in front of me was…

Sainz to Perez: So, for you, it was fine?

Perez: It was fine.

Verstappen: The deg was high.

Sainz: For you, normal.

Verstappen: A little bit less than you.

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