Hamilton was forced to retire from the F1 Belgian Grand Prix after first-lap contact with Alonso - it was the first race of 2022 that he has not finished.

Alonso reacted by calling Hamilton an “idiot” via his team radio although they both calmed down post-race, when the Brit admitted that their collision was his fault.

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But when asked by Brazilian TV about Alonso’s “idiot” remark, Hamilton hit back: “I prefer not to comment about that. We had different results in our careers. 

“This is the kind of thing you say in the heat of the moment."

Hamilton is a seven-time world champion, having lost out on an eighth title to Max Verstappen in Abu Dhabi in 2021, while Alonso is a two-time champion.

Hamilton also owns the all-time record for the most amount of F1 race wins.

In Hamilton’s first F1 season, his teammate with McLaren was Alonso.

They since went on to become title rivals.

Although their ill-feeling after the collision at Spa appeared to soften after the race, Hamilton said when asked if he would speak to Alonso: “No, no, I mean, I would have until I heard what he said.”