Red Bull are rumoured to have exceeded the $145m cost cap in 2021, but according to reports, it’s only a minor breach.

Is Hamilton No Longer the Best Wet Weather Driver?

Ahead of this weekend’s F1 Japanese Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was vocal about Mercedes’ development rate versus Red Bull’s last year and how the outcome of the championship - which was ultimately decided in a dramatic finale in Abu Dhabi 2021 - could have been different had the German manufacturer spent more.

Verstappen was asked about Hamilton’s comments but refused to get drawn on them, however, made it clear that Red Bull should be cleared of any wrongdoing. 

“I mean that’s normally what should have been the case already,” Verstappen told Sky Sports F1. “I think we have our reasons to believe that we are good - that’s what I’ve been told and we will find out on Monday.

“It’s something between the team and the FIA, and it’s not really up to me. I am here to drive fast and give the best result that I can for the team.”

“We need a perfect weekend.”

Verstappen could become a two-time champion at Suzuka this weekend if he outscores Charles Leclerc by eight points and Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez by six.

After a difficult weekend in Singapore, Verstappen says Red Bull “need a perfect weekend” to take the title.

“It would make it a little bit extra special, because of our relationship with Honda,” he added. “It was a shame that we couldn't be here last year, in the title fight. So that’s why we are really looking forward to being back here. We’ll see what happens. We need a perfect weekend, that's for sure.

“It would be very nice if it happens, but if it doesn't happen here I will be even more in favour at the next weekend. Doesn’t really change anything, you just want to have a good weekend and maximise everything you can. 

“Of course I need a perfect weekend to be able to clinch the title here. But to be honest, I’m not really thinking about it too much.”