Red Bull’s punishment for breaking last year’s F1 cost cap is finally set to be revealed ahead of the Mexico City Grand Prix on Friday, after an 'Accepted Breach Agreement' was reached with the FIA. 

The Milton Keynes-based outfit were found guilty of a ‘minor breach’ of the $145m spending limit for 2021, which coincided with Verstappen’s first F1 title success. 

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“It’s a bit frustrating,” admitted Verstappen, who has followed up on his first F1 title by becoming world champion for a second time with a dominant 2022 campaign. 

“From our side we feel we are not wrong, but just some things are taken into the budget cap which are very unexpected. 

“We’ll have to deal with it. But it’s also not up to me to decide what is right.”

Last year’s epic title battle was overshadowed by a controversial finish at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix after a mishandled late-race Safety Car period denied Lewis Hamilton the chance to win a record-breaking eight drivers’ title and instead enabled Verstappen to clinch the crown. 

The news of Red Bull’s cost cap breach has only fuelled more criticism from some F1 fans surrounding the circumstances of Verstappen’s 2021 world championship win. 

But the Dutchman insists he is not bothered: “They are sore anyway so it doesn’t matter what they say or what you do. 

“I can [brush it off]. Probably they can’t and they will never be able to so that’s a problem for them to deal with.”

Red Bull are reportedly set to be hit with a fine and restrictions to their aerodynamic development for F1 2023

Asked about their possible punishment, Verstappen said: “We don’t know until the things are decided, but also these things I’m not involved with."