This topic became a discussion after it was insinuated that Sergio Perez crashed on his own accord in qualifying for the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix to ensure he out-qualified Max Verstappen.

Nico Rosberg famously went down the escape road in qualifying in Monaco 2014, costing teammate Lewis Hamilton a shot at pole, leaving the British driver fuming afterwards.

Michael Schumacher vs Lewis Hamilton: The never-ending debate?

Even more recently, George Russell benefitted from his spin in qualifying at the Sao Paulo GP.

Brown thinks any driver who causes a yellow or red flag in qualifying and thus impedes his rival(s) should have their current lap time deleted.

"I think it should be red flags or yellow flags, effectively impeding a driver from completing their lap,” Brown explained

"They do that in other forms of motorsports: you just lose your fastest lap from that session. All the drivers tend to do one lap runs [anyway] so that would penalise the driver if it was intentional or unintentional. 

"Because you've messed up someone else's lap, I think that's an easy solution and it can be implemented right away."

Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi discussed the idea of having an “extra time” rule.

"What I could say even personally is that they penalise themselves anyways," Rossi said.

"So, I would imagine that you could perhaps extend the session by an extra lap or two, to allow for the others to finish their hot lap for instance, and the driver himself would not continue without any penalty. 

"We need to have an extensive review, [but] we shouldn't be too quick at condemning a driver, or a team."