Are Red Bull set to link up with an iconic American car brand?

There has been growing speculation that Red Bull are set to announce a partnership with iconic American manufacturer, Ford.
Sergio Perez (MEX) Red Bull Racing RB18 rear
Sergio Perez (MEX) Red Bull Racing RB18 rear

Reported by Mirror Sport and F1 business journalist Vincenzo Landino, Red Bull’s F1 2023 livery launch in New York could signify the start of a potential tie up between the reigning champions and Ford.

They have both reported that Ford is sending a number of content creators and influencers to New York on February 3 - the date of Red Bull’s livery launch.

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Landino wrote on his personal twitter account over the weekend: “Red Bull’s livery launch date is 3 February in New York City. I have word from some of my contacts that Ford is sending some content creators and influencers to NYC on the same date. Coincidence?”

While Mirror Sport have been stronger with their report, claiming that “a deal is expected, though pen is yet to be put to paper”.

While Ford has a rich F1 history, they haven’t been involved in the sport since the early 2000s.

Another sign that Ford could be returning to F1 is FIA president’s Mohammed Ben Sulayem’s comments earlier this month, hinting that another manufacturer could be signing up to the 2026 power unit regulations.

“In a short time, maybe as early as next week, another manufacturer could sign for the 2026 engine regulations,” he said at the Dakar Rally.

It doesn’t make total sense given that Red Bull is working hard on their own 2026 power unit through its project - Red Bull Powertrains.

However, given that they had firm talks with Porsche before a deal broke down previously, Red Bull seeking a high-profile partnership with a major manufacturer seems like a logical move.

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