Technical director James Key - who has been with the team since 2019 - leaves McLaren as part of a wider restructure that sees former Ferrari engineer David Sanchez join for next year.

As part of the changes, McLaren’s new “F1 Technical Executive Team” will consist of three key figures.

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Peter Prodromou will be “technical director, aerodynamics” - he joined from Red Bull in 2014.

Sanchez will start work at Woking in January 2024 as “technical director, car concept and performance” after completing his gardening leave.

While Neil Houldey has been promoted to “technical director, car concept and performance”.

Speaking of the news, team principal Andrea Stella said: “Firstly, I’d like to thank James for his hard work and commitment during his time at McLaren and wish him well for the future. Looking ahead, I am determined and fully focused on leading McLaren back to the front of the field. 

“Since taking on the team principal role I have been given the mandate to take a strategic approach to ensure the team is set on a long-term foundation, for us to build on over the years.

“This new structure provides clarity and effectiveness within the team’s technical department and puts us in a strong position to maximise performance, including optimising the new infrastructure upgrades we have coming in 2023.

“Alongside Peter and Neil, I’m delighted to welcome David Sanchez back to the team to complete an experienced and highly specialised technical executive team, with the collective aim of delivering greater on-track car performance.

“I’m looking forward to continuing working together with Piers, who will play a fundamental role to define and deliver the plans to create an innovative and effective F1 team.”