Ex-Red Bull driver victim of “violent robbery” using bats

Robert Doornbos, the former Red Bull F1 driver, was violently attacked and robbed by thieves.
Ex-Red Bull driver victim of “violent robbery” using bats

The 41-year-old was robbed of his expensive watch and phone in the Netherlands, RTL Boulevard reports.

He was “violently assaulted” with bats last month, the report states.

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A police statement is quoted: "The victim got out of his car on the Soetendaal around 00.15 hours after parking, when almost immediately an unknown man walked towards him with an accelerated pass. 

“He has a bat in his hand. With that bat, the victim receives a blow to the head. 

“A second unknown man joins the man with the bat. Together they violently attack the victim. 

“As the victim defends himself and calls for help, he is robbed of a precious watch and his phone. 

“As soon as the loot is in, the duo runs away from the Soetendaal, turn right in the direction of Vijverhoef.”

Ex-Red Bull driver victim of “violent robbery” using bats

Doornbos joked to RTL Boulevard: "It was intense. I don't wear expensive watches anymore, only an Apple Watch, then at least I can count my steps.”

A GPS tracking device was placed under Doornbos’ car, allowing him to be trailed by the assailants, the report says.

Ajax footballer Dusan Tadic was the victim of a similar crime last year in the same country.

Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc have been robbed of luxury watches in recent times, too.

Doornbos raced in 11 F1 grands prix for Red Bull and Minardi.

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