Here are the top 10 ranked current F1 drivers by order of their personal fortunes, according to a Daily Express study from earlier this season.

F1 drivers with the highest net worth

Hamilton’s vast fortune has been accrued since 2007, his first season in F1, and across his sensational career which has yielded a joint-record seven titles. Recently, he penned a new two-year contract to stay with Mercedes which will help his net worth soar even further.

Alonso’s next-best fortune is also in part due to his longevity as the oldest driver on the current grid, at 41. The two-time champion is in his first year at Aston Martin.

Verstappen is third but, aged just 25, his net worth is set to increase especially as he racks up the championships and the years on his lucrative Red Bull deal. He is on course for a third F1 title in a row.

Verstappen is currently No 1 in the list of F1 driver salaries.