Since introducing their significant upgrade package at the Monaco Grand Prix, Hamilton has out-qualified and out-raced his younger teammate.

Last time out in Barcelona, Mercedes picked up their best result of F1 2023 with a double-podium finish.

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Hamilton currently sits 22 points clear of Russell in the drivers’ championship after seven rounds.

With Mercedes adjusting their car concept, Schumacher believes Hamilton has adapted better, resulting in a change of confidence.

“Lewis Hamilton seems to be getting along with the new concept a little better than George Russell and also seemed extremely happy,” Schumacher said.

“He seems very relieved and sees light on the horizon again that he can soon win another race and maybe still have the chance to win his eighth world title at some point.

“I felt the optimism had left him for a while. Now it’s back.”

Schumacher also pointed out that Mercedes’ development route is more conventional, rather than just being a Red Bull copy.

“Mercedes followed the competition with its concept,” he added. “They haven’t copied the Red Bull concept, but went in that direction with the idea.

“They have gone back to the classic sidepods and have a new floor - in other words, completely new aerodynamics. They also changed the front suspension.

“Overall, they’ve gone back to the old way.”