That is the view of respected F1 commentator Peter Windsor, who assessed what future options Norris may have if things don’t work out as hoped at McLaren. 

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The 23-year-old is contracted to McLaren until the end of the 2025 season, but a poor start to 2023 has led to suggestions Norris may seek another drive elsewhere if the team’s performance doesn’t improve. 

Windsor reckons Norris will be eyeing a seat at Red Bull, even if there is a risk of becoming “just a really good number two” to Verstappen. 

“I’m sure Lando doesn’t see himself as a Max wingman,” Windsor said on his YouTube channel. “I’m sure at this stage of his career he thinks, ‘Oh, I’d love to drive a Red Bull’.

“He probably doesn’t think any more than that – just thinks how brilliant it would be to be in a mega car and to just enjoy being in a Red Bull.

“Well then the trouble would start because how’s he going to beat Max Verstappen and then what does Lando Norris become, does he become just a really good number two or what?

“I think that’s a possibility.”

However, Windsor also floated the idea of Norris making a shock switch to Alpine.

“I think there’s half a chance he might go to Alpine, is there not?” Windsor added. 

“I think he’s on another year so it’s a bit of a wait but Alpine are not going badly, there seems to be a lot of muscle behind that team.

“I’m only saying that because I’m trying to think of what places there might actually be for Lando. And wouldn’t that be an interesting swap.

“Alpine are looking pretty tight now, pretty good team, good looking team.”