Deadline report that “Formula 1 is getting into the scripted television business”.

Named ‘One’, the show will be the first officially sanctioned scripted series by F1.

How Drive to Survive changed Formula 1

Netflix’s ‘Drive To Survive’ has famously been a huge success for F1 - and is credited with increasing their popularity in the USA, in particular - but this new step represents a different route onto people’s screens.

Felicity Jones, an actress who has appeared in Star Wars and The Theory Of Everything, will star in and produce the new show.

Formula 1 itself will also be involved as a producer.

The show will be about “the tumultuous ascension of a fictitious family-owned Formula 1 team as it contends with fierce personalities, ever-changing rivals, and multi-million-dollar stakes.

“It will blend fiction with the real-world of F1.”

Jones said: “It is an honour to be part of this unique and exciting partnership with Formula 1. 

“The high stakes world of F1 continually delivers edge-of-your-seat drama and to have the opportunity to create a show based in this world is a thrilling prospect.”

Separately, F1 will hit movie screens when the film produced by Lewis Hamilton and starring Brad Pitt is released.