Red Bull have won every grand prix in 2023 so far, and who would bet against them claiming victory in the remaining races too?

The F1 Austrian Grand Prix this weekend is a glorious homecoming for Red Bull who are topping the constructors’ championship and have Max Verstappen leading the drivers’ standings.

But what is the secret to the RB19?

Could Red Bull's 2023 Season Become The Most Dominant Ever?

"The efficiency, I would say," technical director Pierre Wache told Sky.

"On different tracks we are able to produce downforce without massive drag.

"That I think is the main strength, yeah.

"Honestly, I think when you make the car, you try to make it as quick as possible. As quick a car as possible.

"And after, the success is also dependent not only on you but also on the others. Then yeah, the difference is bigger than we expected.

"The floor is clearly a big part of the development. 

“As you can see, even on the sidepods there is plenty of detail that has an importance in the full performance, and I think it is an overall optimisation of what we did between last year and this year.

"Clearly the floor detail shows that we are working hard on all this detail to make the car as best we can.

"Our aerodynamic department are doing a fantastic job."

The RB19’s mysterious floor was unveiling for snooping photographers to snap when Sergio Perez’s car was hoisted into the air after he crashed in Monaco.

It gave rival teams their first glance at the crucial development that makes the RB19 what it is.

"That was a bit unfortunate really having it all out on display like that,” chief technology officer Adrian Newey said.

"It's obviously a team effort, we've all been working hard at it. We've got a good team, got dedicated people on things for a long time and you can come up with some creative solutions.

"It does take time, it does, absolutely. Lots of staring at CFD and head-scratching and iterating away."