F1 Academy driver thanks Halo after escaping fiery crash

Chloe Grant escaped a scary crash as her car flipped over and caught fire - and she thanked Halo for keeping her safe.
Chloe Grant (GBR) - Graham Brunton Racing
Chloe Grant (GBR) - Graham Brunton Racing

Grant was racing at the famous Monza circuit in an F1 Academy event.

Her attempt to overtake Bianca Bustamante saw her car go airborne and land upside-down, with flames pouring out.

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“I'm just letting you know that I'm okay after my race one incident,” Grant said on social media after the crash on Saturday.

"Thank you to everyone that's been sending me really lovely messages. I really appreciate it.

"I'm very grateful for the Halo style system. Because of the Halo system I was able to get out without there being an issue with the fire because the fire was inside the car as well and I could see it.

"So without having the Halo there I would have been trapped and I'm very lucky and very grateful for the Halo style system to be put in place and for the F1 Academy to have it."



Bustamante, who was briefly beneath Grant’s airborne car, said via her own socials: “The Halo saved my life.”

Halo is a safety device - a titanium bar which curves around a driver's head while in the car - which was made mandatory in F1 from 2018.

It has since been credited with saving the lives of multiple drivers.

Last year at Silverstone, Guanyu Zhou thanked Halo for keeping him safe after a terrifying crash.

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