Both Ferrari drivers are out of contract at the end of 2024.

Leclerc is expected to sign an extension, while Sainz is rumoured to be looking elsewhere as he feels he doesn’t have a realistic chance of winning a title with Ferrari given the team’s sway towards his teammate.

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Vasseur - who was appointed Ferrari boss at the start of the year - has a prior relationship with Leclerc, working with him in GP3 with ART Grand Prix.

As a result, many tipped Ferrari to favour Leclerc over Sainz.

Once again, Vasseur has insisted he will remain fair between both drivers, while suggesting Red Bull is the only team to heavily favour one driver (Max Verstappen) over the other (Sergio Perez).

“No no, don't put Helmut Marko's words in my mouth! I never said it, nor have I ever done it. I'm just saying that if you want to aim for the drivers' championship, at a certain point in the season you have to make a choice and favour those further up in the standings. However, we are not in these conditions today.

“Your question assumes Charles is number one, but that's not the case. I started this job 25 years ago thinking that two drivers should be given the same support, and I have no intention of changing. All the teams move in this way, with the exception of Red Bull with Verstappen and Perez.”

The Frenchman is happy to retain both drivers beyond 2024 but says the priority is on this season - and developing their car, not driver contracts. 

“Why not? But we will start talking towards the end of the season and they both know it well,” he added. “I told him as soon as I arrived. Today the only priority is to develop the car.”