Mercedes have made incremental gains since revamping their 2023 challenger with a major upgrade in Monaco, though they continue to lag behind runaway leaders Red Bull, who have won all 12 races so far. 

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With development now largely shifting on to their 2024 car, Mercedes are focused on learning as much as possible about their W14 to extract all of its potential in the second half of the year. 

When asked what learning still needs to be done, the seven-time world champion said: "We’re always learning more and more about the characteristics. 

“The air flow, how the car is working in cross winds, how it works in the high-, medium-, and slow corners, how you work with the tyres, high-speed, high downforce, mid downforce, low downforce setting. 

“So you’re constantly learning, it’s constantly data being delivered and analysed. And I’m learning more every time we get in the car, we’re learning more about how we use the tires, we’re learning more about how we can use the engine differently and how we can use fuel.” 

Pressed on whether there is a specific area that needs particular focus, Hamilton replied: “I would think more rear-end, they have to figure out how to do that.” 

Mercedes currently sit second in the constructors’ championship and Hamilton reckons holding onto that position come the end of the season would be a “huge achievement” for the team. 

“I think it’s a huge achievement, and I think it’s something that I feel has been a little bit overlooked, if I’m really honest,” he stressed. 

“More focusing I guess, only because we want to win, there hasn’t I would say been the most positive narrative. But I’m really proud of the team, the progress and the steps we have taken with the car, from feeling like an almost identical car to last year, to making all the changes that we have. 

“There are some small adjustments we are making moving forwards over these next couple of races. We have some small bits added to the car this weekend, every point of downforce, every little bit that we had makes a difference. 

“So I’m super grateful to everyone back at the factory for continuing to push, even through the hard times, and just staying focused knowing that we will, with the belief that we will get there at some point. Just to keep [churning] away the good work. 

“For us to be second in the constructors’ championship, considering how others have started this year, like how McLaren are doing with their big turnaround, Aston who came out of the blocks really great, I think it’s pretty amazing, and that’s down to all these amazing people back at the factory, and the crew that we have here. Also the driver’s doing not a bad job! 

“And you know, my goal is to try and make sure the team keep that second place in the championship, and try and hunt down second in the drivers’ championship, that is my goal.”