Former Ferrari driver Massa is taking legal action against F1 and the FIA after claiming that Renault’s fixing of the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix ultimately cost him that year’s world title.

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The Brazilian missed out on the 2008 drivers’ crown to then-McLaren driver Hamilton by a single point. 

Marko waded in on Massa’s lawsuit and said he would like to see Massa prevail - an outcome which would theoretically see Hamilton stripped of his first world title. 

“It was terrible to see Massa celebrating winning the title in Brazil for 20 seconds, and then suddenly it was all gone,” Marko is quoted as telling Austrian publication Kronen Zeitung

“I would like him to win the title – and Mr. Hamilton – for whom records are not so important – would then have one less.”

Marko, who has found himself at the centre of controversy after remarks he made about Sergio Perez, questioned whether success for Massa would result in other cases from the past being reopened. 

“If there are new facts, the matter can be reopened,” Marko said.

“And then the chances for Massa are not so bad.

“The only question is, where would we end up if we had to re-evaluate many other races where there have also been incidents?”

Speaking at the Singapore Grand Prix, Toto Wolff said Mercedes are following “with interest” Massa’s legal case, which Wolff warned will “certainly set a precedent” for F1. 

Wolff suggested that the outcome could influence any action from Mercedes over Hamilton’s controversial title defeat to Max Verstappen in 2021.