Sainz brilliantly fended off Norris’ McLaren and the charging Mercedes of Hamilton to claim the first non-Red Bull victory of the season under the lights in Singapore. 

Norris was heard asking Sainz what happened to Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc, who lost several positions during the pit stops, enabling Norris to move up a place. 

“Charles got a bad pitstop?” Norris questioned, to which Sainz replied: “No idea.”

Norris continued: “I jumped him in the pit stop.”

The pair then discussed a dramatic start that saw Hamilton cut the first corner and initially move into third.

The seven-time world champion was forced to give up positions to Mercedes teammate George Russell and Norris to avoid picking up a penalty. 

“He gave the position back to me as well,” Norris said. 

Sainz questioned: “He had to?”

Hamilton then entered the room last but remained fairly quiet as he recovered from a physically-demanding race. 

Norris, watching a replay of Hamilton battling Sergio Perez’s Red Bull, commented: “Oooh he was not going to make your life easy, was he!”