The Canadian withdraw from the Singapore Grand Prix after suffering a massive 150mph crash in qualifying.

While Stroll was uninjured and cleared to race by medics, Aston Martin announced he would be sitting out of the race, noting that he was “still sore” and feeling the “after-effects” of the high-impact smash. 

Stroll’s Aston Martin car was extensively damaged in the crash. 

The 24-year-old says he will return to the cockpit of his car at this weekend’s race at Suzuka. 

“Thank you for all the kind messages,” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter). 

“Ready to race this weekend.” 

Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack said Stroll’s crash was proof of his commitment. 

“It’s proof that he’s full-in, to all the guys that are thinking he’s not,” said Krack. 

“To go into this corner at that speed you have to have some commitment, and I think this is another proof that he fully has it.”