Albon and Perez came to blows in the latter stages of last weekend’s race at the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Perez tried to overtake Albon with a late move into Turn 13, clattering into the Williams driver in the process.

The Red Bull driver was later handed a five-second penalty, which proved to be inconsequential as it didn’t affect his finishing position.

On the other hand, the contact cost Albon a chance of scoring points again.

Speaking in the FIA press conference, Albon was asked about the incident with Perez, joking to the media that they “should ask Yuki [Tsunoda] as well!” after his tangle with the Mexican on the opening lap.

“It was a bit disappointing, of course, in the race last week,” he said. “Points for us, especially as they come long and far away from each other, so not to be able to score points was a bit of a shame.

“But all forgiven. We’re going to Suzuka now, a track that should play a bit more into our car.

“But yeah it was disappointing, more because we didn’t have many hopes going into Singapore last weekend. So to be in a position where we could have almost score points was was exciting. 

“And then normally as long as we kept on track, we would have scored some points but we didn’t.”

While Albon thought the penalty Perez received was in line with what the stewards usually give out, he wasn’t sure it was “fair”.

“I think it’s quite a tricky one. Consistency, we push on it a lot of drivers, as teams as well and viewers, but it’s a tricky one,” he added.

“For example, you can take my incident with Checo when he has a five second penalty. It’s consistent with everything else, but is it really consistent? Fair? Maybe not. 

“So I do think there needs to be flexibility in some ways.”