Vettel is attending the race at Suzuka to launch his new project which will see 11 “insect hotels” installed.

These have been built next to the track’s iconic Turn 2, with the corner’s kerb painted black and yellow - the colour of bees - to raise further awareness.

All of the drivers were involved in painting the structures as part of Vettel’s biodiversity push.

On Friday, Vettel was seen trackside watching the action.

Speaking to Sky Germany during FP2, Vettel said it was “extremely hard” to watch from the sidelines.

“It hurts to see these cars go past,” he said. “I knew it would be hard to be here, but here it is extremely hard. It is.. I mean it was my favourite track. I said last year my comeback would be here. Well, now I‘m standing here.

“It was always more a pleasure than a challenge. Of course you need to manage tyres, but hitting the corners just right, to become one with the car, so you‘re always perfect. Especially the corners that go up the hill.. I love that.“

Explaining in more detail what his favourite part of the legendary Suzuka circuit is, Vettel said: “Corners 2, 3, 4, then making the car lighter on the rear axle, and then go over the little hill at five. 

“You always need to look at the next corner. I raced here many times, but this is my first time standing here. 

“Well, I don‘t remember the wall to be so close. It is amazing to see them go past. I will keep wandering, maybe go to corner 1 now, maybe tomorrow I will be at Buzzin Corner.”