Strike which threatened Las Vegas GP set to be avoided after deal reached

A “historic” deal between a union representing 10,000 Las Vegas hospitality workers has reportedly been reached with Caesars Entertainment, easing fears that a potential strike could threaten the F1 grand prix.
Las Vegas at night. Las Vegas Preview, USA
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Las Vegas at night. Las Vegas Preview, USA -, EMail:…

Earlier this week it was widely reported that tens of thousand hospitality workers in the area would go on a two-day strike.

It was revealed that the Culinary and Bartenders Union would initiate a strike for 35,000 of its members across 18 Las Vegas properties if no agreement was reached across the various casinos, hotels, and restaurants that employ them. 

It would mark the biggest labour union strike in the region, making it bad news for the Las Vegas Grand Prix next weekend.

As reported by Reuters, a five-year deal has been agreed with Caesars Entertainment for 10,000 hospitality workers, with the union pushing for higher wages.

The Culinary Bartenders Union has been quoted as saying the agreement is of a “historic nature” and there will be a significant increase in wages.

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Further negotiations are set to take place ahead of Friday’s deadline for a strike, with MGM Resorts International and Wynn Resorts yet to find an agreement. 

Approximately 25,000 workers across nine casinos would go on strike if neither MGM or Wynn Resorts appease the unions.

Outlined by Reuters, both parties are expected to “reach an agreement” with the unions following tough negotiations ahead of Friday.

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