The three teams that have new upgrades for the Las Vegas GP

Only three F1 teams have new upgrades for this weekend’s Las Vegas Grand Prix.
Williams Racing FW45. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 22, Las Vegas Grand Prix, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Practice Day.
Williams Racing FW45. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 22, Las Vegas…

With two races to go, it’s not too surprising to see a lack of new upgrades introduced this weekend.

Teams are fully focused on next year’s car, however, it’s not stopped some teams.

The low downforce nature of the Las Vegas circuit means teams will likely run Monza to Azerbaijan-spec rear wings.

With there being long straights, teams will be looking to run skinny rear wings which produce less drag.

Outlined in the pre-weekend document, Alpine, McLaren and Aston Martin have been noted to have new parts for Vegas.


Beam Wing - The rear beam wing slat has been removed and the lower rear wing profile has been reduced - To deal with the long straights of the Las Vegas Circuit – the beam wing change reduces levels of drag.

Front Wing - The front wing is a modified version of a previous spec with a further trim to the inboard segment - The front wing change is the most efficient way to balance the revised beam wing update, more of which can be found above.

Rear corner - The rear drum upper flicks have been removed - The removal of the rear drum upper flicks brings an efficient reduction in drag at the rear of the car for the demands of this circuit.


Beam Wing - Single element Beamwing - A single element Beam Wing has been designed, suitable for the specific circuit requirements, trading loading between Rear Wing and Beam Wing.

Rear Wing - Reprofiled Rear Wing Flap - In conjunction with the aforementioned Beam Wing, a new reprofiled Rear Wing flap has been designed for this event to maximise efficiency.

Aston Martin

Front Wing - A front wing flap with shorter chord and reduced incidence compared to the standard version - This flap is to balance the car with lower rear wing levels when circuit characteristics require that setup.

Engine Cover - Additional bodywork internal trailing edge closing panel - The closing panel reduces the exit area of the bodywork to reduce air flowing through the car to reduce cooling for low ambient temperatures.

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