Ralf Schumacher tips Mick Schumacher to take Lewis Hamilton’s place at Mercedes

Mick Schumacher tipped as "one of the best options" to replace Lewis Hamilton

Mick Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton
Mick Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton

Mick Schumacher has been recommended as a replacement for Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes - by his uncle Ralf Schumacher.

Mick will continue the role that he took last year as Mercedes’ reserve driver when the new F1 season begins, as he awaits a full-time return to the grid.

He will also race in the World Endurance Championship for Alpine this year.

His name has surprisingly cropped up as a potential replacement for Hamilton, who will go to Ferrari next year, but the recommendation comes from family.

"There won't be that many candidates,” Ralf told Sky about how to replace Hamilton.

“It's the question of what Toto Wolff wants to do.

“George Russell, if he doesn't make any mistakes, is certainly capable of following in Lewis' footsteps and leading the team.

“Now the question is: Do you go for experience or bring in new, young people?

“Mick would certainly be one of the best options in the young area.

“But of course there is also a Carlos Sainz on the market, even if I think he is more likely to land at Audi.

“I think Mick's chances are good and I think he deserves the chance.

“He would be a man alongside Russell who can be built up for the future.

“I'm pretty confident about that, now all that's left is Toto Wolff is of the same opinion.

“But so far I've only heard positive things from him about Mick..."

When Mick joined Mercedes’ as their third driver last year it was a continuation of the Schumacher family legacy with the German manufacturer.

Michael Schumacher ended his career with a stint at Mercedes which paved the way for Hamilton’s success.

But his son Mick’s F1 career might have already ended. He was axed by Haas after two seasons and awaits a second chance with another team.

Ralf reacted to Hamilton’s decision to go to Ferrari in 2025: "At first it was surprising, but then it was understandable.

“Lewis Hamilton really wants to win and I think he has lost a little trust in the team and in the structure at Mercedes in the last two years.

“Those two years were difficult. Don't underestimate the fact that Frederic Vasseur's relationship is a very long one, and well-known one and I am sure that he promised him everything."

Ralf was asked if Hamilton can return to his title-winning ways at Ferrari, the team where Michael Schumacher became an F1 legend.

"It depends on who is there,” Ralf said.

“There are rumours that he is taking his race engineer with him and that would be the best thing that could happen to him because there is such a strong bond between the two.

“And who else will Vasseur bring in?

“The package at Ferrari wasn't bad last year, but there was always the tyre problem and something had to be changed."

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