Ayrton Senna’s iconic Honda NSX up for sale for giant six-figure fee

One of Ayrton Senna's old cars have been put up for sale.

Ayrton Senna for McLaren
Ayrton Senna for McLaren

An iconic Honda car previously owned by three-time F1 world champion Ayrton Senna has been placed on sale for an eye-watering £500,000.

The 1991 Honda NSX is now available for purchase on UK automotive marketplace Autotrader.

Senna, who won three F1 world titles in 1988, 1990 and 1991, aided Honda with their development of the NSX.

The Brazilian won all of his championships with Honda engines, enjoying a strong relationship with the manufacturer.

Senna tragically lost his life at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix while driving for Williams, 30 years ago.

Senna cleaning the aforementioned Honda NSX
Senna cleaning the aforementioned Honda NSX

Senna’s old Honda has racked up 39,100 miles and is now owned by Robert McFagan from East Sussex in the United Kingdom.

The current owner of the car, McFagan, told the Daily Mail: “I first bought the car in 2013 during a trip to the Algarve in Portugal and have owned it ever since where it has sat proudly at my estate in East Sussex.

“Senna's red NSX was given to him by Honda who he had a commercial partnership with and Senna frequently used and was photographed with the car during his stays in Portugal.

“Being a huge Senna fan myself, I was delighted when I was able to get my hands on the NSX which was crafted to perfection and features a sleek and powerful machine to give an incredible experience on the road.

“It's been a real pleasure owning what is one of the most famous cars belonging to a true sporting legend and the thrill of driving Senna's car never goes away.”

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