Carlos Sainz insists “no truth” to reports he has turned down Audi F1 offer

Carlos Sainz has refuted suggestions he has turned down an F1 contract offer from Audi.

Carlos Sainz Jr (ESP) Ferrari. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 6, Miami Grand Prix, Miami, Florida, USA, Preparation
Carlos Sainz Jr (ESP) Ferrari. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 6, Miami…

Carlos Sainz says there is “no truth” to claims he has turned down a lucrative offer from the Audi F1 team.

The Spaniard is searching for a drive for next season after Ferrari opted to sign seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton to partner Charles Leclerc from 2025.

Sainz has been heavily linked with Audi amid rumours he has been offered a substantial deal from the current Sauber-run outfit.

Reports in Spanish media ahead of this weekend’s Miami Grand Prix suggested that Sainz had rejected Audi’s offer to hold out for a seat with either Red Bull or Mercedes.

But Sainz has refuted such reports, insisting to media in Miami: “No, that's not correct. There is no truth about it.

“As I've said before, there are certain things that they don't depend fully on myself and there's going to be some waiting to be done. But, in the meantime, is not like I'm, or we are, completely stopped.

"We are still in conversations with people and advancing what we can advance, but all those things always including the waiting that, as I said before, we're going to need to do, for people to make up their minds in many areas.”

Sainz’s father, the world rally champion Carlos Sainz Sr, has strong links to Audi, winning for the German brand at the 2024 Dakar Rally.

That has only intensified speculation about Sainz potentially moving to Audi, but the three-time grand prix winner stressed there are “more factors” involved in the decision he will ultimately make.

“For sure, my Dad, you will always say good things about Audi, the project, and how confident he is that Audi will make it to the top in Formula 1," he said.

"If you follow the Volkswagen projects, every time they've been involved in motorsports - doesn't matter if it's with Porsche, with Audi or any of the Volkswagen Group - they've managed to win, and I think that's a very important asset and something very important to consider.

"But in my decision, and obviously in everything, there are a lot more factors involved.

"I really hope Audi in the future can fight for wins because it would just mean one more car fighting for wins, and a massive brand like they are, and I wish them the best without even having decided if that's a possibility for me or not.”

Last week, Nico Hulkenberg was confirmed as Audi’s first driver, with the German signing a multi-year contract to race for Sauber in 2025, ahead of Audi’s takeover in 2026.

Sainz says he has received no assurances from Audi that they will wait for him to make a decision.

“The only assurance that I have is from myself that I want to make the right decision," he explained. 

"That's why it's also taken a bit longer, and that's why I want to see all the options available before taking any fundamental decision.

"I think Nico joining Audi makes complete sense for them and for Nico, and I think he's a great driver.

"I've managed to see his talents - he's a great signing for them. I congratulate them and him because he's been doing great at Haas lately too."

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