We've all done it right? Forgotten where we parked our Ferrari and then called the police to say it's been nicked?

Maybe not, but it appears that's what happened to Jenson Button's 65-year-old father recently. According to reports by British newspaper, The Daily Mail, John Button told police he had parked his red Ferrari 550 Maranello outside of his hotel on the Italian Riviera. However, when he returned it had gone. The 'stolen' car, worth a cool ?150,000, was later found a kilometre away...

Police spokesman Massimo Molinari told the 'paper: "We had a report from John Button, the driver's father, that his Ferrari 550 Maranello had been stolen from outside his hotel.

"He told us that he was in Alassio for the weekend shopping and that when he left the hotel the following morning the car had gone from where he says he parked it.

"The following day one of our patrols found it about a kilometre along the coast, safe and sound and we immediately called him to let him know. There was no damage to the lock or windscreen.

"He says he parked it outside the hotel so it's all a bit of mystery but we are trying to clarify how the car ended up where it was and whether he may have forgotten where he parked it originally.

"The car has been returned to him and he is delighted - although the station was glad to see that even though his son drives for McLaren he was in a Ferrari!" the Police spokesman added.



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