Mark Webber has called on his Red Bull Racing team to do what it can to integrate its KERS technology into the RB7 for this weekend's Malaysian Grand Prix, acknowledging that the Sepang circuit provides an ideal opportunity to get the best from it.

The Australian and team-mate Sebastian Vettel ran without the power-boosting system in the first race of the year in Melbourne two weeks ago, and did not appear to be at any disadvantage as Vettel romped to victory, but Webber believes that Malaysia could be a different prospect, particularly with the two long straights that are the signature of the Sepang circuit.

"Its a no-brainer - you need KERS," he told Australia's Age newspaper on the eve of the meeting, "If it's working reliably and well, you should have it on the car."

Red Bull admitted that the disadvantages of carrying the heavy technology outweighed any potential gains on the tighter Albert Park circuit used for the season-opener, but suggested that it could be employed for round two and would evaluate the system in Friday's free practice sessions.

"We will get some more confidence tomorrow," Webber confirmed, "Here will be a completely different story [to Melbourne]. If it doesn't work here, I don't know where its going to work."

The 34-year old also conceded that this year's other technical innovation, the adjustable rear wing or Drag Reduction System, would be more of a factor in Malaysia, while tyre wear could also affect the outcome of the race.

"Its pretty brutal with track temperatures which will be tough on the tyres," Webber concluded, "This is the most extreme situation [Pirelli] have faced as a company."



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