The circuits on the F1 calendar have come together to give themselves a great say in the future of the sport.

According to reports by British newspaper, The Indepedent, the Formula One Promoters Association (FOPA) was registered as a company in Geneva, Switzerland in May, with Ron Walker, chairman of the Australian Grand Prix, listed as the chairman.

"We have historically lacked a co-ordinated voice and the Formula One Promoters Association gives us the opportunity to have that," Silverstone's chairman, Neil England explained to the 'paper.

"There are a number of matters of common interest and I think it is important that those are voiced."

Walker added that the circuits can "use the association to lodge their proxies to vote on major issues affecting the sport."

FOPA is expected to work in a similar fashion to FOTA (the Formula One Teams Association) and the GPDA (Grand Prix Drivers' Association), which obviously speak respectively for the F1 teams and drivers - although FOTA now only represents seven of the twelve teams.