Fernando Alonso feels sorry for Ferrari's fans after his Italian Grand Prix came to a premature end due to an Energy Recovery System (ERS) failure.

Running in tenth place after his pit stop, Alonso's car came to a halt at the end of the pit straight having lost drive. Having confirmed that an ERS failure was the cause of his retirement, Alonso said he had noticed problems before the power unit cut out on lap 27.

"For some laps I had the battery not working and then I lost a little bit of distance with the cars in front and I was losing ground and then in that lap the car switched off completely," Alonso said.

And Alonso said it was especially disappointing to have a reliability issue during Ferrari's home grand prix at Monza.

"Obviously we are not happy with the results in front of our people. To have a mechanical failure is never nice because the team is working very hard, the guys are working day and night to give us the best car possible and then when there are some parts of the car that cannot finish the race obviously it's a hard moment for the boys.

"This is one thing for the team, and secondly for the fans we were not giving them any special result, unfortunately. Yesterday we were not fast enough and today we were starting around position seven. So this was not our goal but it's the way it is at the moment. We cannot do much more than this. I feel sad for them but I also feel very thankful for the support we have.

"We have been in a difficult season but from Thursday here everyone has been supporting us to the maximum, everyone has been cheering for us and we felt that. We felt this love for our team in the good moments and the bad moments, and unfortunately we didn't give them [much to] support."