Daniel Ricciardo has dismissed the argument that Sebastian Vettel's outbursts over the team radio are simply in the 'heat of the moment', adding that his persistent critiques towards other drivers have become 'a bit too much'.

Vettel hit the headlines in the Mexican Grand Prix as rising tensions in an eventful final few laps prompted him to launch into an expletive laden outburst over the Ferrari team radio aimed at Max Verstappen and FIA race director Charlie Whiting.

Though the FIA opted not to discipline Vettel for his actions, he has nonetheless received widespread criticism across the sport in a year that has seen him regularly take to the team radio to express his anger and frustrations at other drivers.

Indeed, though Vettel has justified his actions by calling it adrenaline, Ricciardo is less convinced, saying his instinct has been to 'hit the radio and start spurting a lot of stuff'.

Advising Vettel to be 'more sensible', Ricciardo reveals he swears in frustration but doesn't choose to broadcast it.

"There is a lot which from one side you need to say 'heat of the moment', you have to be a bit lenient with it. But if your instinct is to hit the radio button and start spurting a whole lot of stuff, you have to be more sensible than that.

"Trust me, I would say twice as much, but I tend to say a few things to myself and then press the radio button. You don't need to broadcast it, you can swear in your helmet and then speak your mind more relaxed a few moments later."

Team-mate to Vettel at Red Bull in 2014, Ricciardo admits he is surprised to see Vettel so 'frustrated' and 'emotional' in his actions towards others on track, describing it as 'a bit too much'.

"I definitely sense he's been more frustrated this year. He's shown it in the past that he can be quite emotional, but this year it seems to be a bit more. In the moment it's easy to just press that radio button and say a whole load of things, but we all know that it can get broadcast.

"I think he's obviously a bit frustrated with how the season has gone and he probably thought they had a chance to fight Mercedes and it hasn't worked like that. Some things we've seen him get frustrated by in the past, but it's probably been a bit more uncharacteristic this year and probably been a bit too much."

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