Lewis Hamilton has credited Mercedes for its efforts in giving him such a formidable package en route to victory in the Canadian Grand Prix two weeks after the team was left at a loss to explain its lack of performance in Monaco,

Arriving in Canada having surrendered a 25 point margin to championship leader Vettel following a qualifying-hampered run to seventh place in Monaco, Hamilton's hopes didn't seem destined to improve over continued issues getting the tyres into the correct operating window.

However, after transforming fortunes with a scintillating run to pole position in qualifying, the three-time world champion - 10 years after his maiden F1 win at the same venue - would make it look all too easy in the race too to claim his sixth win on Canadian soil.

"Definitely. It's always a special place for me, ever since the feeling of my first grand prix win. I feel that the fans have grown on me, my appreciation for Canada and the people here has just grown over time.

"It's crazy to think after 10 years that I enjoy driving every single lap as much as I did 10 years ago when I was 22 years old. I absolutely loved it, the whole way to do, I hope that I get many more experiences like that here."

Despite talk of a technical overhaul to help Mercedes harness the W08's performance strengths more consistently, Hamilton reveals there were no upgrades on the car in Canada, adding the turnaround is purely the result of understanding some of car's trickier charateristics.

"We didn't bring any updates here. It was just praising them on the diligence they did after the last race, they really did such great work in terms of analysing what went wrong, all the different points. Even after Sunday, this is what went wrong, this is what we think we need to do and then putting it into action and it was just amazing teamwork.

"We came here with the car back to where it should be, it doesn't mean it's going to be like that every time but I think we've learned a lot and I'm happy. I think it should put us in a strong position moving forwards, in terms of which direction we need to keep developing the car."