Gerhard Berger has finally ended months of speculation by announcing his retirement at the end of this season. The Austrian Grand Prix veteran, who is well known for his sense of humour and practical jokes, has competed in over 200 Grand Prix and won ten.
A number of rumours had circulated in recent months suggesting that Gerhard could be ready to make a return to the Scuderia or had offered to drive for Williams for free and most recently, that he would be joining Olivier Panis at Prost.
Berger had chosen not to renew his contract with Benetton and although rumours suggest he was then unable to find a seat, a number of indicators point to the fact that he had decided to retire some time ago. At the Austrian Grand Prix, when asked what his future held he replied, "I see a lot of sun and a lot of beach!"
Gerhard?s retirement from Formula One represents the end of an era.



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