An angry Fernando Alonso could hardly contain his emotions when asked for his take on the incident that forced him out of second place in the Monaco Grand Prix, claiming that Ralf Schumacher should take a good luck at his driving.

The Spaniard ran wide while passing the Williams driver through the tunnel, collecting the barrier and enduring a bumpy ride down the hill towards the chicane as various parts of the Renault were shed en route. Finding time to physically berate Schumacher even before his car had come to a tattered halt, Alonso was still fuming when he made it back to the paddock.

"The reason for the crash is pretty simple," he pointed out, "I was lapping Ralf, and he ignored the blue flags for the first seven corners. He slowed down to let me by at the entrance to the tunnel, then got back on the throttle and pushed me wide. There's no grip on the outside there, and I lost control."

Several television interviews saw the Spaniard effectively calling for his German rival's driving to be monitored, particularly as the pair clashed two races ago at Imola. Schumacher is already on probation following an incident with Takuma Sato in Bahrain, and was expected to be hauled up in front of the stewards again this weekend.

"Everything was going well and I was quite comfortable behind Jarno," Alonso said, reflecting on the early stages of his race, "The car had a good balance, and was easy to drive. I was just following Jarno and was intending to push at the second stops. We really worked hard in the winter, and this would have been the first reward. It's extremely frustrating, and cost us a one-two finish."

Schumacher would not be drawn on whether he was to blame for Alonso's exit, preferring instead to focus on the mechanical problems that had put him in position to be lapped by the Renault driver.

"It's obviously a disappointing race, but these things seem to happen," he sighed, "After a few laps, I lost fifth gear, then the sixth and the seventh. By the last few laps, I had only fourth gear. I did the best I could, but it was obviously very hard to drive in those conditions."

Alonso's team-mate Jarno Trulli went on to take his first Formula One win, despite concerted late race pressure from Jenson Button.


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