Giving some hope to its rivals, for this season at least, the all conquering Ferrari F2004 is not set for any development for the rest of the season.

Ferrari certainly hit the ground running this year with Michael Schumacher winning all but one race so far this season.

Such is Scuhmacher and Ferrari's points lead and competitive advantage the team can afford to look to developing next year's package.

"The chassis is probably frozen for the rest of the season," Brawn is reported as saying by the BBC.

"There are small bits on the engine but most of the performance gain for the rest of the year will come from the work we are doing with the tyres."

This will give hope to the likes of McLaren, Renault and BAR, all of which have looked to challenge Ferrari at some point this season, although the more effort they put into developing their current challengers the bigger the potential slap in the face from Ferrari's '05 challenger next season.

Ferrari has previously started the season running with an old car, but by starting their development so early they have a real opportunity to leave the opposition trailing even further in their wake, after all, the 2005 season is over seven months away.