The German Grand Prix ended on a sour note for the Midland MF1 team, when the scrutineers excluded both Christijan Albers and Tiago Monteiro from the results after deeming that their cars failed to comply with the regulations.

Both M16s were reported to have illegal flexible rear wings, with the stewards' statement claiming that the cars' lower rear wing element showed 'excessive flexibility'. In clearing all other cars of similar offences, the statement claimed that 'the LHS and RHS lower rear wing element of car numbers 18 and 19... show excessive flexibility' and were therefore 'not in compliance with Article 3.15 of the 2006 FIA Formula One Technical Regulations'.

Flexible rear wings have been a talking point throughout the year, with Ferrari and BMW Sauber, in particular, believed to have been using such devices. Specialist fittings were mandated on all cars from mid-season, with flexible wings deemed to contravene the rule that states that no aerodynamic device can be movable.



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