Christijan Albers says he is seeking answers from the Spyker team following his dismissal from the Silverstone-based outfit's driver line-up earlier this week.

The team announced on Tuesday that Albers was to lose his seat alongside Adrian Sutil due to commercial difficulties tied in to a non-payment from one of his sponsors, with Christian Klien emerging as the favourite to the take the seat on the back of a one day test at Spa yesterday [Thursday].

Speaking in a statement published on his official website, Albers admitted that there had been problems with one of his backers at the start of the season, but he was given reassurance that the issue would not affect his drive.

"I am extremely disappointed," he reflected. "It goes without saying that there is nothing I would rather do than finish the season racing and continue my Formula I career.

"Right now I would like to address what I believe is the reason for this premature termination. Spyker has stated that the reason for the termination is the fact that one of my personal sponsors has not met its financial obligations to the team. The problems with this particular sponsor already occurred in December 2006 and January this year. However, the contract with this sponsor was agreed between the sponsor and the team directly without my intervention.

"Before as well as during the season several sponsors have been introduced to the Spyker F1 team based on my name and relation with the team. Regardless of the problems with the herefore mentioned sponsor the team direction had already given me verbal and written guarantees that I would finish the season in January this year.

"Therefore the team's decision to terminate the cooperation with me came as an unpleasant surprise to me. It is very unfair and I very much regret that this unexpected decision will prohibit me from driving in the new Spyker B car, especially since I have put much effort and time into its development with the help of the team staff and technicians."

Albers added that he now hopes to sit down with Spyker to discuss the reasons behind the termination of his deal, and vowed to do all he can to work his way back onto the Formula 1 grid.

"I also regret that we have not been able to talk with the Spyker F1 Team until now concerning the termination," he said. "I hope and expect that Spyker will explain all of this in a meeting will take place in the near future.

"Finally, I can promise everybody, in particular my sponsors and my fans, that I will do everything within my power to return to the ultimate stage as soon as possible."