Williams test driver, Narain Karthikeyan tested a Speedcar Series car at the Dubai Autodrome this week.

Speaking following the test, where he was joined by Indonesian saloon car racer, Moreno Soeprapto and Soeprapto's brother Ananda Mikola, as well as Swiss regional stock car racer Alexandre Maus and Italian rally driver Nico Caldarola, Karthikeyan said that he was impressed with the 650bhp car.

"I had a good feel for the car and I had no surprises," said Narin following his 22 laps. "I have to say the car is good and despite its weight it is very balanced and pretty forgiving.

"It has a strong engine and is quick on the straight. The breaking distances are very long compared to those of single-seater cars of course and that took some getting used to."

Asked about the series in general, Karthikeyan predicted that it should be very entertaining: "The Speedcar will create a close grids which will promote good racing and overtaking," he continued.

"The end of each of the Speedcar races should be very interesting too as the tyres will be run down and physical exhaustion will overcome most drivers, it will be interesting to see the battle between the younger and former F1 star drivers, such as Jean Alesi.

"It was really a fun car to drive, even if the weather was a challenge with it being over 40 degrees Centigrade. It got very hot in the car.

"I look forward to coming back now and seeing some more of the Speedcars," he added.

Karthikeyan's positive remarks meanwhile were echoed by the other four drivers' in action: "The car is so much fun with a lot of under and over steering. It did surprise me after the second lap and shot me into a spin, but even that was fun," said Mikola. "I am pleased that thereafter my times were really quick. I love single-seater racing but have to say that today I truly had fun in the Speedcar."

For the record, the Speedcar Series, which is intended to break the Middle East and Asian market, was announced earlier this year with a view to kicking off over the winter period taking high-powered stock cars across the continent.



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