by Rob Wilkins

Red Bull Racing's David Coulthard has admitted that the Milton Keynes-based operation needs to make a 'significant step forward' next year, after what to date has been a largely disappointing 2007.

Thus far this season, the Scot has only managed two points' finishes from 13 events and both he and team-mate, Mark Webber, have been hampered by reliability problems.

DC though is 'hopeful' things are now going in the right direction: "It is all a question now of trying to use this car, the structure within the team and the acquisition of new machines and facilities and obviously a lot of new personnel have joined the team as well, to try and build for next season. Clearly we have got to take a significant step forward though," he told Radio on Monday, while in London promoting his recently released autobiography, 'It Is What It Is'.

Asked about the recent appointment of ex-Honda technical chief, Geoff Wills, DC added that was a good move by Red Bull.

"Geoff is a very grounded, yet talented and creative designer - with aerodynamics as his main forte," he explained.

"I think that he had a very positive impact at Honda, in taking what was quite a heavy car and taking a lot of weight out of it.

"Obviously he, along with all the other people that have joined the team, need to be able to have the tools at there disposal to come up with a quicker car and that is obviously what he is charged with."

So are things looking promising for 2008?

"I'd like to think so - everybody speaks positively about the year they are not quite in yet, but we have to believe that with the increased financial resource, the increased size of facilities and more clever people, it can only be better," he summed-up.