Haas Formula 1 chief Günther Steiner feels the American team is being unfairly targeted by the FIA race stewards after seeing Red Bull's Max Verstappen's hard move on Kevin Magnussen go unpunished late in Sunday's Italian Grand Prix.

Verstappen forced his way past Haas driver Magnussen in the closing stages at Monza, leaving the Dane to take to the run-off area at the second chicane, but no penalty was awarded.

Magnussen vented his frustration over team radio at the time, and was left disappointed by the lack of action after the race given his own punishment for similar incidents in the past, leaving Steiner seeking clarity.

"That’s what we are going to discuss with the stewards and with [race director] Charlie Whiting. I think they will bring it up in the next drivers’ meeting in Singapore to get a little bit clearer understanding of when you get penalised," Steiner said.

"They assure me that we are not [being targeted] but I am pretty sure we are. There the inconsistencies start already, we are not agreeing on that. We can’t even agree on that one if it’s true or not.

"I don’t know if we are more difficult. When we do something, if it a racing incident or not, we get a penalty. If we get [hit by] something, it’s a racing incient, oh sure it’s a racing incident...

"That’s what we struggle with a little bit. We just want to clarify. Will we ever get it clarified? I don’t know, it’s an inconsistency.

"I am fully aware it’s not an easy job. I wouldn’t like to do it and therefore I would never do it.

"If you do it, you need to be consistent in my opinion."



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