Lewis Hamilton says he is still using ‘the chaser’ mindset as he aims to clinch a fourth Formula 1 world championship and won’t revert to Nico Rosberg’s tactics of finishing directly behind his title rival to keep hold of his points lead in the remaining races.

The Mercedes driver extended his F1 world championship advantage to 34 points over Sebastian Vettel at the Malaysia Grand Prix by finishing second with Vettel in fourth which means mathematically he can take the title without beating his Ferrari rival on track if Vettel fails to win all five remaining races.

Hamilton has refuted the idea and says he will target race wins for the rest of the campaign as he wants to keep the mentality that he is hunting a world title rather than defending a lead.

After Rosberg won the Japanese GP 12 months ago he was able to finish second to Hamilton in the resulting four races to clinch a maiden world championship by five points. Hamilton, who has defended his former team-mate explaining the German driver wasn’t playing safe, says it won’t cross his mind to finish second to Vettel to seal the title.

“I just want to win every weekend. Somebody mentioned about Nico only wanting to finish second [at the final races of last year] because I really got the car in a position,” Hamilton said. “He was qualifying to get pole, he wasn’t qualifying to get second position. But people looked upon it as if he drove to finish second, but he couldn’t get by because I was gone.

“For me, the goal is to continue to win races even if I don’t have to win another grand prix through the rest of the year. That’s the best way because I am still hunting it, I am not defending it.

“I’m still hunting and chasing that championship and until that last flag and I’ve actually got it sewn up then that’s what you’ve got keep doing. Push as much and push forward.”


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