As Felipe Massa prepares for his final Formula 1 race the Brazilian driver reflects on any last targets to produce a final flourish to his career in the sport.

After producing a dramatic retirement U-turn 12 months ago to re-join Williams alongside Lance Stroll for this season, Massa will exit the sport for a second time after the 2017 season finale in Abu Dhabi.

Massa, who has refused to comment on who he thinks will replace him at Williams for 2018 amid rumours of Robert Kubica having signed a deal, says he’s in a relaxed mood for his final F1 race thanks to having no regrets from his time racing in the sport.

“I feel pretty relaxed at the moment – somebody asked me, 'when you closed the door to your house were you thinking 'I'm going to the last race of my Formula 1 career?' and I didn't even think about it, to be honest,” Massa said. “So I think it's pretty relaxed.

“I'm ready for the last race and I’m ready for the next challenge in my life. To be honest I have nothing to regret in my career, I'm very happy and very lucky to achieve and to be where I am. But I'm really ready for the next step.”

Massa had hinted at a switch to Formula E but given the 2017-18 season starts in a week’s time he has deferred his interest until next year while refusing to rule out a potential turn at Le Mans in 2018.