Max Verstappen may have enjoyed a simply lovely end to the 2017 season, but there was always plenty left in the tank for the Dutchman after a difficult start to the year. Red Bull was off the pace early on, but Verstappen struggle even then to show his talents as he battled recurring reliability issues.

Verstappen’s victories in Malaysia and Mexico sent out a warning shot to any of his doubters in the F1 paddock, though. They weren’t just wins - they were demolitions. Such devastating displays could become more frequent if Red Bull and, perhaps more importantly, Renault, are able to get their act together for the 2018 season and deliver a race-winning car once again.

Verstappen’s qualifying improvement between 2016 and 2017 was particularly noticeable as he thrashed recognised Saturday specialist Daniel Ricciardo head-to-head, and if he can offer a similar step in another part of his game for next year, we could be set for his first real title bid.