Gene Haas has no concerns about the reduction in the number of Formula 1 power units made available for the 2018 season, praising his eponymous team's engine partner, Ferrari.

All 10 F1 teams will only have three of each power unit component to complete the entire 21-race season, falling from four in 2017 when a number of outfits were hit with numerous penalties later in the season for exceeding the limit.

Haas F1 drivers Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen both managed to stay within the limit in 2017, avoiding any penalties, leading the American team's owner to brush off concerns about the allowance drop for the new season.

"I think it’s like anything else – the more seasons you have with an engine package, the more reliable it’s going to become," Haas said.

"I have no doubts they can do the season with three engines. Plus, there’s not going to be this tremendous need for upgrades because the engine horsepower has somewhat plateaued.

"They are getting about as much performance out of the current dimensional package as you can. I don’t think Mercedes or Renault is going to be that much farther ahead or behind Ferrari. I think they are all within a half-a-percent of one other.

"I think from a reliability standpoint, the Ferraris are excellent."

Haas' comments counter those of Red Bull F1 chief Christian Horner, who called the move "barking mad" and expects a litany of grid penalties to follow through the 2018 season.

In a rule tweak for the new campaign, drivers will be immediately sent to the back of the grid should they incur a penalty greater than 15 places as part of the FIA's push to make rulings easier for fans to understand.



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